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How Do We Share

There is something about Christmas which brings out the giver in most of us. What happens when the season comes to a close and the decorations are put away, family dinners are set aside for another reason to celebrate. Work resumes. Do we once again fold into ourselves only looking ahead and rarely stopping to care?  Let us remember that the needs still exist. I don't kow about you, I personally promise to continue supporting my neighbours, whether it is to buy eggs ot shovel snow. To realize that wants are far removed from needs. If I spend 1$ in my neighbourhood store it keeps that 1$ from being added to the pockets of the GIANT conglomerate that threatens to dissolve us all.

See you on your mate for health and wellness.

Happy 2022 Yogis

What are your expectations

Precision in Yoga goes only as far as it is comfortable for an individual. Take for instance Balasana; 'Childs' pose addresses a hinge at the hips; hip tension, and tension at the back of the knees.

Remember, your Asanas however simple are a process.


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Fall yoga practice

Posted on 4 October, 2015 at 19:50
Because Yoga is rooted in Hindu mythology, I like to link stories about the Gods and Goddesses who gives us inspiration for our practice. Where I live in the North West Fall presents itself with showers, winds and then full on rain. It is not cold yet it is no longer warm, the sun has waned and the light has faded. The Goddess Durga is known to be the mother of the universe, she goes by  many names and avatars. She has many arms to protect her devotees from all corners of the universe, and many weapons to call on each in itself symbolizes our abilities. She embodies both the male and female self (Shakti) she travels mightily on the back of a lion. Who would not want this powerful being to become the inspiration for a fiery Fall practice. As the days shorten and the nights become colder, as simple beings we crave hibernation, and begin to fold in onto ourselves. Using Durga as the inspiration we can learn that success is not certain (the symbol of the unopened lotus) and that knowledge is but applied perception (the sharpened sword) On our mats this fall these two simple bits of offerings can bring us to our mats humble and without expectation. Do  not forget to smile. Namaste