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How Do We Share

There is something about Christmas which brings out the giver in most of us. What happens when the season comes to a close and the decorations are put away, family dinners are set aside for another reason to celebrate. Work resumes. Do we once again fold into ourselves only looking ahead and rarely stopping to care?  Let us remember that the needs still exist. I don't kow about you, I personally promise to continue supporting my neighbours, whether it is to buy eggs ot shovel snow. To realize that wants are far removed from needs. If I spend 1$ in my neighbourhood store it keeps that 1$ from being added to the pockets of the GIANT conglomerate that threatens to dissolve us all.

See you on your mate for health and wellness.

Happy 2022 Yogis

What are your expectations

Precision in Yoga goes only as far as it is comfortable for an individual. Take for instance Balasana; 'Childs' pose addresses a hinge at the hips; hip tension, and tension at the back of the knees.

Remember, your Asanas however simple are a process.


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Posted on 28 January, 2018 at 18:58 Comments comments (419)
The Story of vriksasana is like most stories entertaining, but this one leaves you with the ability to embrace nature, trust yourself, be firm, calm and know that once you envision something it then becomes a greater possibility. #Friday [email protected]:15 for more story telling.


Posted on 2 February, 2015 at 18:26 Comments comments (1524)
A beautiful Asana and a powerful story behind it..This is the story of the God or Diety Ganesh (the elephant head God), known for his infatuation with sweet things. One day he filled his belly so much that he could hardly make his way home On his way there, a mouse crossed his path, and they strolled along together. Suddenly a Cobara rushed out and frightened the mouse so much that Ganesh was knocked over. His full belly burst open spilling all the sweets. His image was so comical that the moon;Chandra laughed.  Ganesh was enraged and remembering that he was the son of Shiva broke off his right tusk and hurled it at Chandra. Her light went out and Ganesh cursed her never to shine again. leaving the world with only the light of the sun, no Dusk, no Night and No Dawn. romance died and every living thing including the gods became scorched with the suns heat.. the Gods pleaded with Ganesh who compromised by allowing Chandra to shine again but only every four weeks would she be able to show her brilliance. His tusk remained as a reminder to her never to laugh at him again... the lesson here is that everything  is held in balance... steeped only in sunshine the world is lost..

From Virabhadrasana 11 come into Utthita Parsvakonasana, ground your feet and extend the top arm so that the side bodies are fully these two transitions a couple of time to really warm up (if this is just a home practice) Now from Utthita Parsvakonasana, bring the top arm down (a block is great for beginners).. place the block just in frot of the standing leg, bring the top hand to rest,  shorten your step, connect with your block and float your back leg... deeply inhale to stack your shoulders and your hips...Chandra.. if there is stability try extending the hand over head Ardha.. the extended hand actually represents Ganeshès tusk.. FEEL BALANCED BREATHE WITH THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS ALIVE