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How Do We Share

There is something about Christmas which brings out the giver in most of us. What happens when the season comes to a close and the decorations are put away, family dinners are set aside for another reason to celebrate. Work resumes. Do we once again fold into ourselves only looking ahead and rarely stopping to care?  Let us remember that the needs still exist. I don't kow about you, I personally promise to continue supporting my neighbours, whether it is to buy eggs ot shovel snow. To realize that wants are far removed from needs. If I spend 1$ in my neighbourhood store it keeps that 1$ from being added to the pockets of the GIANT conglomerate that threatens to dissolve us all.

See you on your mate for health and wellness.

Happy 2022 Yogis

What are your expectations

Precision in Yoga goes only as far as it is comfortable for an individual. Take for instance Balasana; 'Childs' pose addresses a hinge at the hips; hip tension, and tension at the back of the knees.

Remember, your Asanas however simple are a process.


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Posted on 3 September, 2015 at 13:45 Comments comments ()
As we spring into 'SPRING' it is hard to miss all the hustle and bustle in the Landscaping world, weeds out flowers in. Not bad. On your mat today think of removing weeds or or a certain stubbornness to your practice and grow flowers instead.. Vriksasana (tree pose) is a wonderfully fitting Asana. Begin in Tadasana (mountain pose) as you reach for the sky on the inhale do not forget that the earth beneath is there to support you. Bring your hands to your hips, turn your right knee out, BREATH. You can stay here or slide you foot up your calf.. BREATHE. You can stay here or grab your ankle and rest your foot on your inner left thigh.. BREATHE.Now for the FULL ASANA, extend your branches over head, options to take samastisti or chin mudra.. BREATHE Stay for five breaths if you can then switch sides. Take it all in and welcome to spring!!


Posted on 2 January, 2014 at 14:37 Comments comments ()
Welcome 2014. I am still unsure of how this year is going to unfold. Will there be more or less (of everything) I tell my students often to soften there jaw line and really become aware of their breath, do not hold on to things which do not serve.. So today's asana is Eka Pada Rajakapotasana; King Pigeon (variations are welcomed) I love this pose simply because it is both proud and humble. Start in Tadasana; take a deep cleansing breath, ripple your spine into a forward fold Uttanasana. then with controlled movement step back first with one foot then the other and come into Adho Mukha Svanasana. BREATHE. With attention to the spine take the right leg straight up and back, bend the right knee and ripple forward to the top of a high push up.  Using your breath and alignment, bring the right shin across your body and rest it on your mat. Align you hands close to your hips. Here is where the breath and and softening of you jaw becomes important, find length and stability (use support under your hands if necessary). Lengthen the spine. Access a deeper asana simply by bending the left knee and catching the left foot with the left hand. Stay with the breath. Relax in this pose first by releasing the caught foot then bring your forearms to the mat followed by your chest. Use support under you chest if necessary. Maintain your BREATH. GOOD MORNING! Do not forget to balance out the other side.